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Six Acts: A Gastronomic Architectural Performance

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Malir, CW-ZW

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Six Acts: A Gastronomic Architectural Performance

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SIX ACTS is a gastronomic architectural event created by artist Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong exploring the architectural SECTION as a spatial and culinary conceit-- bringing together art, architecture and food.

A Dinner in SIX ACTS transforms this meal into a performance. Here, dinner will be encountered afresh in six unique courses. Eating becomes theatre and courses become acts. Each course is, through the choreography of the evening, a staged composition in the dining space.

What is a section? The action of cutting creates a slice, a cross-section, a division that reveals a moment of time and space. Each course is not only a different plate, but a different act, a different environment. The meal will be accompanied by a successive change in space over time to shape the dining experience.

Courses will be prepared by Robert Truitt (Executive Pastry Chef of the Altamarea Group) & Brian Sullivan (Pastry Chef of Osteria Morini Soho) Neill Seltzer (of underground supper club Sup) and local NY brewer John William Tasevoli.

Eight Acts (2010) explored the white cube as a spatial and gastronomic theme-- a reference to the modernist gallery space, an allusion to the building block of modernist architecture-- as eight courses of white cubes were served. Over these eight acts, the dining parlor was stripped of its décor and the glass facades of the room were covered with white panels, leaving the diners to be completely enclosed in a white cube space by the eighth act.
In response to Eight Acts, Seven Acts (2011) left behind the white cube in favor of BLACK. Rather than encasing the diners, Seven Acts focused on opening up the dining space, like opening a series of Russian dolls. After each course of exotic black foods, some of the curtains dividing the room were pulled back to reveal neighboring diners, changing the modes of interaction within the dining room as people were brought closer and closer together through the evening. The menu included exotic black foods in courses prepared once again by Mike Lee from Studiofeast, designer Brian Ackley and Lisa Farjam (Editor-in-chief of Bidoun Magazine).

WHERE: SIX ACTS will be held at:
GD Cucine
227 West 17th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenue

Two consecutive evenings:
7PM – 8PM (Cocktail hour) and 8PM - 11PM (Dinner) on
Saturday, November 17, 2012 // Sunday November 18,2012 (from 6PM – 10PM)

Seating is limited, and tickets can be reserved for $100 at

Please visit for more information.
Eight Acts (2010):
Seven Acts (2011):

+ Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong is a NY-based artist/architect. Cheryl's creative work explores the intersection between art and architecture and the creation of experience in space. Through gastronomic material performances, she conducts food and architecture experiments that explore dynamics in the dining space.
+ Robert Truitt (Executive Pastry Chef of the Altamarea Group) was voted one of Dessert Professional’s Top 10 Pastry Chefs in America in 2010. He spent a year cooking with Chef Adria at El Bulli and worked at Corton in Tribeca before joining Chef Michael White's team at Ai Fiori.
+ Brian Sullivan (Pastry Chef of Osteria Morini, Soho, of the Altamarea Group) studied industrial design. He worked at Corton and has been collaborating with Pruitt since 2007.
+ Neill Seltzer is a designer who founded the underground supper club Sup, now in Boston, Vail, and London. Neill has cooked at the Delano, the River Cafe, and Isobel, among others.

+ GD Cucine Showroom in Chelsea, Manhattan in New York City. GD Cucine was founded in 1969 and offers kitchens that combine living, cooking and dining spaces. The Italian-based company inaugurated its new, spacious showroom in NY last year.
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