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Single Family, built with concrete T-beams pour in place

Eugenio Aburto, AIA-E

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gino, Eug

Project Name

Single Family, built with concrete T-beams pour in place


32-370 Desert Vista Rd.


Project Status


Year Completed



2,870 sq. feet

Construction Cost



Eugenio Aburto


  • Oscar Tovar


  • Structural Engineer: Julio M. Guerra

Certifications and Designations



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Project Description

In the current times, climate changes, and place with hazard conditions, as a result of availability of construction sites because the growing of population are forcing to build in areas where tornados and wild fires are frequent.

Reinforced concrete is a sustainable construction material, which can be designed to resist such forces of nature, and keep fast construction with non skilled labor, to make the cost accessible, with no restrictions to freedom of shapes, sizes, and architectural style.
The modern engineering technology use by professionals can calculate the necessary size and reinforcement for any load and span of the element to be build, to satisfy the budget in any case.

CRCM Concrete Rib Construction Method” is a Patented process (US 8,429,876 B2) which in full compliance with the ICC Code delivers monolithic structures, based in the use of T-beams pour in place for walls and roof for any hazard conditions, on any type of structures: residential, commercial, schools, hotels, you named.
The structural concept to use CRCM is based in the T-beam shape.

T-beams had being used prefabricated to handle big spans an heavy weights. T-beams have requires a minimum of concrete and steel reinforcement. But, prefabrication need to be made in a factory, and be delivered to the construction site, heavy equipment is used to set in place, by skilled workers, cost not accessible for homes..

CRCM as a practical patented method, cost affordable thanks to the process of forming, and pour in place, T-beams for walls and roof. To create the T shape, CRCM uses blocks of Polystyrene making the structure highly insulated, R factor high as desirable by ajust size of the block or its density.
CRCM uses the T-beams horizontal or slanting for the roof, and in vertical manner to create the walls.
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