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Silicon Valley Comes to Beijing - Cheetah Mobile

IDEAL Design & Construction Inc.

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Silicon Valley Comes to Beijing - Cheetah Mobile


Building 8, Hui Tong Times Square, Yaojiayuan Road South, Chaoyang District ,Beijing

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40,000 sq. meters


Cheetah Mobile


  • IDEAL Design & Construction Inc.
  • IDEAL Design & Construction Inc.

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Project Description

Recently, IDEAL completed the design and construction of the global office headquarters for Cheetah Mobile, China’s leading developer of mobile tools and internet security. The project is located in the Chaoyang District of east Beijing, in a new hi-tech park on Hui Tong Road.

The original building, a light industrial factory with three internal courtyards, was converted into a multilayered office building. IDEAL designers boldly converted the end courtyards into indoor atrium spaces (while retaining the middle courtyard), and integrated a variety of business functions into a single form. This contemporary design approach reflects the vitality of the internet business culture and personality traits, an interpretation exploring the client’s new business ideas into the future development of spatial patterns.

After the remarkable transformation, the main entrance is centered on the south façade, where a distinctive gate is located across from a spacious lawn. Employees and guests enter onto an open lobby, stretched laterally in both directions. To the right of the reception desk is a large electronic screen, and next to it is a casual waiting area. To the left is an open café, where employees can comfortably enjoy the outdoor view to the landscape while either working or just relaxing and chatting with friends.

Adjacent to the café and overlooking the west atrium is a row of conference reception rooms. The bold wooden side walls and ceiling frame these spaces while the north/side sides of transparent glazing give them a casual atmosphere and a three-dimensional connection to the outdoors and sun-filled atrium.

Water features prominently with small canal linking the main lobby with the two atriums. In the west atrium, the canal flows into an artificial pond surrounded by seating areas, a large conference hall on the atriums’ east side and meeting room on its west side. The atriums’ walls are aligned with a glass curtain wall inboard of wood surfaces containing long slat openings with green planters with climbing plants. Accenting the atrium walls is a sculptural staircase (in a bold orange color – the company logo) whose story platforms are linked with the three levels of interior office space. The staircase rises from the surface of the water and its twists and turns dancing reflection on the waters’ surface. From the atriums’ second floor seating platform, a stainless steel slide connects to the atrium floor, spiraling down and landing into a sunken area used for brainstorming forums. From the second floor platform, a box diagonal steel bridge connects a conference room with a leisure coffee break area on the west side. The bridge, bathed in sunlight as it extends through the atrium, enhances lateral floor connections while enriching atrium views from the office interior.

Adjacent to the northwest side of the atrium are auxiliary spaces; recording studio, mobile offices, along with a children’s activity room - all interconnected. Children’s activity areas are designated by color; orange, blue and green. Office functions are strung together and enclosed office spaces with custom benches, countertops and cabinets link themed mobile office areas.

Along the south side of the large conference room, the water canal is channeled, twisting and turning, moving eastward, and connects with the east atrium.

Balancing the west atrium and its work theme, the east atrium’s theme is sports and health. Along its northeast corner stands a large stair tower (colored orange, corporate brand) which acts as the main vertical circulation for the great space. Its conspicuousness is to encourage employees to walk up and down stairs and it also possesses platforms for social congregation. Along the atriums’ west wall is a fitness activity climbing wall, with distinctive triangular faceted face, colored orange and white. Arranged around the first floor of the east atrium are activity rooms; gym and yoga, etc. primarily with translucent glass walls that draw in sunlight from the atrium. Opposite, in addition to group meeting rooms are a message center, medical clinic and a massage room. In between, along the south side, is an open office area with custom millwork in an orange meandering ribbon motif. Together with bar table, chairs, floors and ceilings strung together to make a three-dimensional space, giving a sense of proximity and brevity.

Cheetah Mobiles’ floor layout combines both functionality and efficiency with a focus toward human interaction and collaboration. Here, open office area furniture accessories vary in shape and color composition depending on function. Segway electric vehicles can shuttle employees with greater mobility in an open office environment exchange. The design fully considered the Cheetah employees have a high degree of mobility, and flexibility to accommodate a variety of functional requirements. Highly saturated and beautiful colors and rich graphics create a youthful, creative, interesting and fun place to work. The office building is designed for casual gatherings of employees, such as the large KTV room. Also included are a comfortable medical room, hairdresser and massage room to create a warm, relaxed atmosphere where employees feel safe and calm. Interspersed among the offices are tea lounges, with regional styled themes and designs such as American, Japanese, French and other countries. Also in the mix are several dozen large and small conference rooms with names of international cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and London. Cheetah Mobile’s main business comes from these cities and regions, and many employees come from these places as well. This is a reflection of the global community that this company is a part of.

After the transformation from industrial to high-tech, the overall office space is both functional and creative. Fulfilling the entrepreneurial needs of young creative professionals, this garden-style office brings green landscape, together with geographic and cultural features that promote the integration of communication within the company while enhancing the staff’s sense of cohesion and sense of belonging.
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