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Sensible Fare

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Sensible Fare

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Sensible Fare
K+B Studio

This compact but sleek kitchen was designed for a “no-nonsense, CEO-type husband who does all of the cooking,” says Mark English, “so the kitchen is masculine in materials and function.” A hefty eight-burner commercial-style range with a super-sized hood is the centerpiece of the 18-foot-square space. A mirrored wall behind the stove visually doubles the room's size and gives the cook views of San Francisco Bay.
English designed a stainless steel island with proportions similar to the large stove. The owner uses the island as prep space, so shallow upper drawers hold knives and utensils while frequently used ingredients and large pots occupy deeper spaces below. The island sits on direct axis with the stove and between the big sink and refrigerator. This layout allows people to grab something from the fridge without getting in the cook's way. A floor-to-ceiling wall of storage surrounding the refrigerator ensures everything has a place. English had his clients “count every can and pot in their current kitchen” so he could calculate the right type of cabinetry. In addition to the pantry, a built-in coffee maker, an appliance garage, and even a stepladder for reaching upper shelves are contained within that wall.
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