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Seattle Box Remodel

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dmadsen, hanley wood, llc

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Seattle Box Remodel

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3,107 sq. feet


  • Jeff Pelletier


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Project Description

The remodel of this 1902 house was tailored to give the house the special detailing and cohesiveness that had been stripped away over the years. The client in this case was also the Architect and therefore every effort was made to make each stop on a tour of the house interesting and visually appealing. In deciding to do this remodel, they both wanted to maximize the amazing in-city location of the house but increase the livability of the home without ruining any of the 1902 charm. The decision was made to enhance the charm that may not have even been there in the first place and to maximize the square footage without adding to the footprint of the house at all. They wanted a Master Suite, a large room for Jeff to build LEGO in while still having the flexibility to hang out at the bar or watch movies, and a Kitchen open to a family room. Special details such as a built-in dog crate, custom shelving for the Architect’s LEGO collection, and a custom library ladder stand out against the backdrop of the crisp white trim. Smaller spaces are prized and even celebrated. In urban settings, square footage is expensive and utilizing every bit of it helps avoid the need to add on to already tight quarters and reduces the need for additional conditioning of spaces. The end result is a house that retains the period character but opens it up to a modern floor plan. Each room is provided with a specific feature or element that cohesively ties back into each other and the overall design direction. This is a fresh take on a common remodel archetype and deserving of recognition in how to recognize the inherent value in our older housing stock.
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