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The Architecture League and Socrates Sculpture Park



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Our 2015 Folly proposal Scroll becomes redolent of a younger generation, increasingly entitled and self-obsessed. Kinetically simple, the continuous reflective surfaces exploit our excessive (sometimes erotic) interest in ones physical appearance. Composed of dynamic flexible mirror panels joined together to create an endless scrolling surface, Scroll becomes activated through the limitless movement of a reflective rolling system. The resulting experience evokes the notion of an endless digital feed of selfies, forcing the user to continually observe their immovable reflection, unaffected by the speed or length of the users scroll. Over time, the highly reflective surface becomes smudged with the user’s imprint, creating a blurred reflection, distorted by the remaining hand prints of a community. The effected character and appearance becomes synonymous with this folly’s attempt to replace admiration for one’s self with the appreciation for our fellow man.
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