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The project starts with the premise of creating a space with innovative trends within a building with formal characteristics that can be categorized as as traditionalists.

As a first approach to the project pre-existing conditions were studied in order to enhance and identify those unfavorable elements to the proposed new use thereby achieving a dynamic and efficient proposal.

It was thought at a non-orthogonal outer element framed and directed the visual flow of the passerby to the income of the local , also one of the guiding principles of the project is based on a strong correlation between inside and outside which allowed us to define the bar would be the most important project and while the location of it , allow us this correlation element .

The bar then appears as a cohesive element and attractor looks; its location at the front of the premises allow us to dilute the spatial limits and eventually achieve this objective; I obtained as an added value close relationships chef - diner, because the vast majority of food will be prepared within it.

The materials and color range used strategically chosen to emphasize the architectural proposal, the relaxed and tropical nature of the gastronomic proposal.
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