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Saevit Eye Center Extension


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Saevit Eye Center Extension


1065, Jungang-ro, Ilsandong-gu


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Saevit Eye Center



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Project Description

This building has unique story.
This is the first project that architect Joon-ho Park (EAST4), who practiced architecture in the U.S for a long time, worked on and it is completed in 2003 and extended in 2014. This is the largest ophthalmic hospital in Korea and this hospital can practice every treatment related to eyes. In 2003, the design concept was ‘place where many people can experience new world through eyes’ and basic design ideas were proceeded within this frame. After 10 years or usage, the owner requested the 3 stories building extension to the architect who originally designed this building, and at that time, the architect who used to work under large architectural firm (Junglim Architecture) has now established his own small atelier. Thus, this new extension was proceeded in unusual experience that the same architect works on the same project in completely opposite working environment.
Existing building’s various elevations and expression of material is clearly expressed in extended portion, as well. By placing zinc and glass mass in existing building’s upper portion of front façade with corten steel finish and corten steel louver, it clearly distinguishes extended portion from the exisiting and at the same time, provide originality that is different fromx existing building style. It reveals its unique existence in the middle of plain nearly buildings by designing visually diverse exterior with different material properties and different window layout on each floor including extended upper portion. Additionally extended three floors are used as service area, office are, operating room, and conference room, and due to this extension, existing roof garden became a relatively unexposed courtyard and serve as resting area for users.
The interior of extended area can be divided into 8th, 9th, and 10th floor. Circulation of users is separated by locating patient facilities on 8th floor while dining area, seminar room, resting area, and library that approximately 100 employees who works for this hospital can use are located on 9th and 10th floor. All of employee related facilities are located around the courtyard so they can pass through and face it for user’s maximum courtyard experience throughout the day.Written by Joon-ho Park
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