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Renovation of the bridge over the Park Road

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Renovation of the bridge over the Park Road


The Park Road

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Concept Proposal


  • Bilyk Artem
  • Turhunova Zarina
  • Zobina Kseniya


  • Building Enclosure/Artwork: Julia Koval

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Project Description

Concept: after the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine the intended purpose of many buildings which served for the maintenance of previous regime had to be changed.
A helicopter pad on the Park Road is one of such sites. The project worth 290 million USD broke the outline of the slope in front of the Mariinsky Park, cutting green zone.
This project involves reconfiguration of the bridge that was initially designed for passage of vehicles to the helicopter pad into a walking park area with ​​plantings, lighting, public areas on the model of the High Line in New York.

The green bridge is integrated into the system of park roads of the slope, giving back harmony and organicity to this corner Kyiv. The very building is to be turned into a cultural center in future. It is planned to hold public events on the roof of this building.
The architectural description: Bridge in terms of complex shape, the overall size of the extreme axes 8,32 × 306 m. At the entrance there is an entry point and on the other side there is a helicopter pad. The total path length is 306 m. The average height of towers is 8m, the highest column reaches 12,35 m, the lowest - 4 m.
Constructive description: The bridge consists of eight spans, covered with steel structures. The columns of the bridge are of different heights and are made of metal pipes. On the top of orthotropic slab there is a reinforced concrete coating (250 mm) and surfacing of special asphalt. The project involves installation of additional props in order to offset the arrangement of steel structures over the canvas to protect from rain and sun.
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