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Renovating a Master Closet for Functionality and Design

Ami Austin Interior Design

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Renovating a Master Closet for Functionality and Design

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  • Interior Designer: Ami Austin

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A spacious closet is a great feature for any house. As an interior designer, Ami Austin knew her former closet’s outdated style and inadequate wardrobe space needed to be refreshed. In order to prove the closet’s full potential, she conceptualized a design that involved streamlining the lighting, updating the interior design, and adding functionality.

The closet’s spaciousness was under-utilized and superseded by its archaic style and non-operational arrangement. The incomplete wardrobe hanging, drawer and storage options were quite limited. In order to transform it into a full-functioning closet, Austin had to recreate the space to be much more than a closet.

A new dressing table that offered beautiful and easy-access storage with soft-close drawers and cabinets were added to the space. Wall-to-wall hanging space was created, and corresponding cabinets for clothing and jewelry were included to maximize neat storage. Austin also designed a floor-to-ceiling shoe wall with shelving to both display and consolidate her shoes.

With the original 46 separate light fixtures and a massive electrical switching station, a great deal of work was required. Austin’s plan was to streamline and modernize the lighting with tailored dressing lamps and chandeliers. Crystal chandeliers were added for ambiance as well as new dressing table lamps that added warmth, yet without competing with the chandeliers. The closet was completed with installed surround sound.

The space was fashioned into a stately yet relaxed style to modernize the closet’s interior design. Selecting Calcutta gold porcelain tile floors and Calcutta gold marble slabs gave rise to a majestic but approachable panache. A statement-piece dressing bench was acquired through Austin’s friend who specializes in unique finds.

Keeping the walls and fixtures tone-on-tone with neutral and creams allows for easy selections of clothing. With a dressing table that offers easy-access and plentiful storage; a dedicated dressing area; cabinets for clothing and jewelry; additional shelving and hanging space, Austin’s renovated closet is now stylish, yet practical.
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