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Renovating a Master Bath into a Cohesive Master Suite

Ami Austin Interior Design

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Renovating a Master Bath into a Cohesive Master Suite

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Ami Austin Interior Design conceptualized a design plan to renovate and design a master bath as part of one cohesive master suite, per her client’s request. The plan involved combining separate spaces; repositioning an existing closet door and adding another closet for functionality and symmetry; removing undesirable elements like an outdated shower and a leaky, rusty vanity cabinet; and incorporating marble and other architectural elements.

The overall challenge was to redesign the entire space to add functionality and an aesthetic presence.

The exterior walls were bricked over. In order to create an open space, the door and two windows were removed. The wall that once divided the toilet area from the entire space was removed as well, allowing for more open space.

Symmetry was paramount; by aligning a new vanity on the newly formed wall and placing it directly in proportion to the new walk-in shower, the symmetry tone was set. Repositioning the existing closet door and adding another closet door to frame the new tub added more symmetry as well, and a sense of proportion to the large bath. The toilet area was lined up perfectly across from the closet doors, well hidden from the room’s focal points.

Repurposing two of the prior wall sconces and adding new life to them with adornments gave homage to the original design. A beautiful Italian chandelier that enhanced and complemented the sconces was installed. Using marble and other architectural elements to evoke one single view of the space without separate lines of vision was key. Austin chose crystal vanity knobs in conjunction with the crystals on the chandeliers and sconces to generate style balance. The walk-in shower was reconfigured to provide ample space, and its wall-to-wall glass was designed to be unobtrusive to the reflected view from the vanity wall.

Functionally, Austin’s renovation project allowed for a new master bath that was practical. The previous shower had to be replaced, as it was becoming a hazard. The old, rusty vanity cabinet was repurposed as new. Repositioning of existing doors and adding others where needed created access to wardrobe storage in well-thought locations.

Aesthetically, the new, large mirrors added height and depth to the room. The neutral colors Austin selected matched the entire master suite’s color palette.

The creative team with Ami Austin Interior Design accomplished much more than basic interior design. They were able to reroute and update older, original plumbing and electrical; transport two tons of sand to level the ground underneath the space prior to careful tile work; and essentially repurpose the bathroom for everyday use and a spa-like aesthetic presence. To learn more:
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