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Reinikka Kitchen

McMonigal Architects, LLC

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Reinikka Kitchen

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  • Rosemary McMonigal, AIA, CID, LEED AP
  • Rosemary McMonigal, AIA, CID, LEED AP
  • Interior Designer: Rosemary McMonigal, AIA, CID, LEED AP


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This tiny bungalow, built in 1919, has 975 sf on the main floor with a small second floor tucked under the eaves. Although multiple realtors recommended tearing down the house, retaining the original scale and character of the house was very important to the owner. Challenges - The family of 4 loves to cook together but the existing kitchen had only 3 feet of counter with substandard storage. - The kitchen was very dark; the only natural light came from windows opening into an adjacent porch. - The view from the living through the dining rooms focused on the kitchen sink, which was not always presentable. - The location of the opening between the kitchen and dining resulted in congested circulation around the dining table. - The adjacent office was too small for a bedroom and felt isolating for whoever was working or doing homework in the space. The space had 3 doors at opposite sides of the room and circulation between the doors cut into the usable space. - The stair to the basement was very steep, making it difficult to use the new basement bedroom and bath. Solutions - The new kitchen has 22 feet of counter and 27 feet of base cabinets. - There are separate areas for prep and cooking. - Besides new windows and a glass door to the porch, there is now a kitchen window facing outside. - The view from the living and dining rooms is centered on the glass door that leads to the porch. Moving the dining/kitchen corrected the congested circulation and made the dining room more usable. - The 6 foot desk is built into the south wall, out of the kitchen work triangle but still part of the space. - A pantry is built into the former office closet, boosting storage space. - The basement stair was rebuilt to a shallower slope and a kitchen cabinet with microwave is built over the stair and storage. - The cabinets are in keeping with the era of the house. - The ledge above the upper cabinets gave space for the owner’s pottery display. - A metal circle with curved line became a theme seen in the decorative lights, hardware, and metal sculptural piece at the porch door and over the range. - A chalkboard recess keeps the family posted on schedule and events. - The glass tile reflects light and brings warm tones into the space.
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