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Project Name at ASU SkySong in Scottsdale


1375 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 300


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Year Completed



12,000 sq. feet




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Project Description

CEO/Founder of, Aaron Matos was relocating his headquarters to ASU's SkySong in Scottsdale, Arizona. He wanted to create a new office environment that encouraged collaboration and innovation. The concept of black and white for the color palette and the color in the space being the team led to the interior design elements.

Throughout the 12,000 sq foot space, there abound formal and informal gathering spaces. Places for the team to eat together, work out together or sit on the couch and work together. This provides an opportunity for team members from different departments to interact with each other which helps to drive the client experience and product development. Accounting talking with sales, sales talking with programmers, all leads to better communication, improved processes, and innovative software development.

It was important to leadership that the team felt comfortable and at home in their daily work life, which helped to drive much of the residential feel of the space. There are couches and picnic tables to choose from for seating and lighting customized to each space including lamps one would find in a home setting.

It was also important that the space and the furniture provide flexibility, mobility and dual purposes. The fitness center doubles as a huddle area for large staff meetings. Table settings throughout the space can either be used by 1 person or a small team can utilize the space for impromptu meetings.

Overall, the space provides the team with the inspiration to innovate and collaborate to bring the best recruitment related software products to the market.

tenant improvement interior design and architecture by hayes inc. architecture/interiors, phoenix, az
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