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Pruva 34 Show Flat

Gonye Proje Tasarim

Project Name

Pruva 34 Show Flat

Project Status


Year Completed



Yelin Evcen, Gönül Ardal


  • Yelin Evcen
  • Gönül Ardal





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Project Description

Pruva 34, an exclusive show flat designed by Istanbul based Gonye Proje Tasarim, was created with a unique interior design identity by increasing the present standards to an upper level. The brief of the client was to reach luxury interiors in a modest style by using high-end technical elements and sophisticated furnishing details together.

The house was planned as a show flat, but since the client’s main focus was to create a real living effect, every design decisions have been shaped around this criteria. The marketing strategy was also positioned behind the idea of a real flat. The design language was a warm and living house with a grandeur hotel comfort.

The location of Pruva 34 residential development is very exclusive and it is formed as large square metered flats, duplexes and garden flats. With the seafront location and the area selection the target audience is defined as high income costumers. To make customers feel more valuable of themselves in good designed luxury apartments was one of the main parameters in the design concept of Pruva 34 show flat. Reaching high level quality of life is targeted by using high quality materials and thought out fine details. Pruva 34 is welcoming residents, who wants to get away from the rush life in Istanbul, with spacious, comfortable living areas and big terraces overlooking the endless sea view.

Furnishing and styling was one of the focal points of Pruva 34 show flat as much as built-in design elements. There were a lot of bespoke designs such as carpets, beddings, cushion textiles, built-in furnitures, bathroom furnishings and much more. Besides the bespoke goods, the flat has decorated with premium furniture and lighting brands and bespoke oil canvasses. Other than soft-furnishing the flat was also geared up with high-end intelligent home technology and some other technological decorations such as photovoltaic transparent glass to create some room for the privacy when needed.

Whole flat was designed over a signature color scheme which includes warm beiges as bases, rich brown and bronze metals to catch eyes and burnished oranges to create a sophisticated energy. It was important to use natural materials so the special patterned hard floorings and exclusive marble choices had made the project also tactile luxury.
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