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Pool Folly

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Pool Folly

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2,000 sq. feet

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Builder's Choice and Custom Home Awards Finalist

This wine country pool house|garden folly is carefully scaled to both anchor the landscape yet tread lightly upon it. A few simple moves create a sculptural object in the garden that captures shadows in subtly changing ways over the course of the day. The siting of this pool house, located in a lush and rolling rural setting, is keyed to the orientation of the main house, then subtly shifts into alignment with the pool and landscape beyond as well. The plan of the building absorbs this shift and creates a break along it between the lounging and a bathing zone. Rectinlinear shading fins play off the geometry of the folly, offering respite from the summer sun and framing views in both directions. The architectural interest here is in the precise calibrations of the most elemental fodder for an environmentally sensitive architecture: light, view, movement, scale and orientation.
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