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Planet Blue Retail Store

Abramson Teiger Architects

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Abramson Teiger, Abramson Teiger Architects

Project Name

Planet Blue Retail Store

Project Status


Year Completed



5,450 sq. feet


  • General Contractor: Jay Duncan



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Project Description

Planet Blue sells not only woman’s clothing and accessories, but the life style associated with concern for the earth. The palette of materials used includes readily found rough timber columns and beams and the existing natural concrete floors and walls.

The exterior of the mid block one story building is clad in an integral terracotta colored concrete tile. The storefront breaks tradition as divider between the sidewalk and the store interior by opening up completely. The indoor outdoor relationship is articulated in 3 innovative moves: the entry doors are set back 6 feet from the sidewalk; the operable glass storefront opens up for total width of 26 feet; merchandize displays are brought out into the public realm of the sidewalk. Thus the line between the sidewalk and the facade is blurred and as a result the passerby becomes an active participant in the store interior. The flowing lines of the main ceiling project 5 feet over the sidewalk, to form an awning, again strengthening the concept of public participation in the retail environment. A sculptural catwalk peals down from the ceiling and provides a prominent display platform to showcase merchandize right at the edge of the sidewalk, in a place that is perceived as outside the store.

The interior of the store is divided into themed merchandizing areas such as the jean bar boomerang, the hanging display forest sky lit from above, the computer bar, and the rear accessory merchandize display. The end result is a powerful aesthetic that provides a perfect backdrop to an exciting line of clothes and accessories.
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