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P house


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P house


997-7, Unjung-dong, Bundang-gu


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257 sq. meters



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Project Description

The P House site had some special conditions. Both North and South of the property were facing towards the main road. The property and other houses towards the East/West side of the property stands against to each other but there will be no blockage towards the North/South.
A small garden was provided for the family at the South ground floor area and the children's room was located at the north side of the second floor where indirect sunlight enlightens the room throughout the day. The architect wanted to create a house needed for the family members and organized the client's preferences into a client code. Based on this code and client's requirements, the bathtub was located in front of the South window at the master bedroom to accomplish a bright restroom filled with natural sunlight.
It was a consideration based on the client's code reacting to the Client's physical condition of tall height. A terrace was designed next to the second floor study room for connection with the exterior and a larger yard compared to the ground floor garden was designed at the rooftop for the family to privately enjoy and experience the four seasons. The China's gray brick was used at the exterior of the building to emphasize the modern but yet antique atmosphere.
Though it’s quite rough, a bright exposed concrete was utilized Along with the China's gray brick to express a three dimensional form. At the joint between the brick and the exposed concrete, elements such as down spouts are made with zinc to gain a rough but neat effect. The interior used an eco-friendly paint along with a solid wood floor to provide a standard comfortable family oriented living environment. Written by Joon H. Park
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