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visual communication

Golden Ratio Collective Architecture

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visual communication


57 moustaka aetopoulou


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149,659 sq. meters





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Project Description

In a nine-residence housing complex in Patima Chalandri are formed four different types of houses. The loft is one type of housing unit. This type of house is designed and is part of the complex forming at the same time a distinct identity based on a constant internal movement and communication.
The functional units of the residence are organized in three levels, with the ground floor including a free-plan space that consists of the living- and dining-room and the kitchen, while the master bedroom is situated on the first floor. The basement is designed to accommodate a children’s room in the form of a separate playroom.
The design results in creating a single space containing distinct functional subunits that allow autonomous use. The unobstructed visual communication and the constant surveillance of space are achieved by opening the master bedroom towards the living-room using the loft and by the continuity of the vertical element of the fireplace. Limits are abolished and the movement continues penetrating all areas and connecting interior and exterior space, the house with the garden and swimming-pool. The exterior is an integral part of the residence, creating a dialogue with alternating unity and contrast. The dynamic of motion is reinforced by the six-metre horizontal surface with a strong linear slit opening of the fireplace. The glass back of the fire place allows the “entering” of the pool in the living room.
The light enters the space unobstructed by openings of different orientations and is reflected on all surfaces revealing the simple lines and design clarity. A horizontal opening in the floor for targeted input light enhances the natural lighting of children’s room.
The alternation of materials and colours shapes the identity of space with the continuous dialogue and contrast between smooth and rough, black and white, warm and cool colours.
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