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One Eleven Mixed-Use Development

Project Name

One Eleven Mixed-Use Development

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  • Kevin Alford
  • Michael R. Lang
  • General Contractor: Scott Rowe
  • Structural Engineer: Gary W. Fenner
  • : Henry C. Eyre Jr.
  • Electrical Engineer: Tim G. Verkaik
  • Will Crocker

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Project Description

2010 RADA
Multifamily / Grand

Our judges roundly praised this mixed-use building as a truly urban insertion and a shining precedent for a downtown undergoing a renaissance. “It’s an exquisite urban connection that understands the scale of the city,” said one panel member. The first ground-up residential project in downtown Baton Rouge in more than 40 years, OneEleven fluently references buildings in both directions—the massive Shaw Center for the Arts behind it and the pedestrian-scale street in front.

Tucked alongside a welcoming alley that runs back to the arts center entrance, OneEleven echoes the larger building’s materials—glass, steel, and stucco—but assembles them in human dimensions. The glistening façade matches the massing, height, and color of the arts center’s black box theater across the alley, but is perforated with slotted openings and animated with glass balconies. Stepped back on top are opaque glass penthouses and a steel trellis, loosely borrowed from the Shaw Center’s rooftop sushi restaurant.

“That popular restaurant was the first opportunity residents had to take advantage of river views,” says Chris G. Remson, AIA, LEED AP, “so its shade structure has become somewhat iconic.” Commercial services occupy the ground floor; above, light-filled flats and split-level lofts attract tenants who are sure to energize Baton Rouge’s burgeoning street life.
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