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Oktokki Imagineering office

ARCH1000 (Kaichun Kim/Yea Hwa Kim), TOP Architects & Associates

Project Name

Oktokki Imagineering office

Project Status


Year Completed



3,230 sq. meters


Oktokki Imagineering


  • Construction Manager: JinHyun Ryu



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Project Description

The project for the Oktokki Imagineering office is situated in the heart of Seoul in an 868.80 square meter site. The building consists of seven floors above ground with a basement for a total net area of 3,230 square meters dedicated to the Total Communication Space Design Company.

The iconic feature of the project is its geometrically superimposed layers, which deform a simple boxy building and give it a unique appearance from the inside space as well as from the city around, by an animated series of expansion and compression. This repetition of exposed concrete frames towards the sky generates various voids in-between the frames which respond to the movement and to changes in the surrounding cityscape.

The building also creates intermediate spaces along the building that constitute a unique central bridge with small lounges and vertical and horizontal links connecting the floors reserved for office space. The fifth floor is the design office’s main network space that enhances design communication and conveys a sense of creativity, flexibility, and solidity, by using a duplex system with high floor height. The bridges to use space for circulation flows express unity and provide the possibility of spatial expansion in the future. The roof garden located in the last connection link can be used as informal meeting space and a rest area. The roof allows to transform the building into environment with open air and sunlight. These architectural elements reinforce the complementary relationship between the building and its environment, creating animated(playing) and energetic architecture.
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