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Office in Av. Duque de Avila, Lisbon

Bruno Camara Architects

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brcamara, Bruno Câmara Architects

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Office in Av. Duque de Avila, Lisbon


Av. Duque de Avila, Lisbon

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285 sq. meters

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Project Description

Three meeting rooms with primitive geometric forms, a elliptical room, symbolizing the mathematical rigor, using the reflective property of the ellipse, allowing the best acoustic behavior, a triangular room, which is the balance and the dissolution of polarities. two opposing forces or join a third point balance or synthesis, and a meeting room with a form of a triangle facing up, is steadily increasing success, dynamism and stability, and finally a meeting circular represents flexibility, infinite, limitless, passes the idea of wholeness, of movement, of innovation. These rooms are surrounded by organic shapes that create workrooms, lounche room and a kitchen with a meal room, making the dynamic space, valuing the natural light and the diversity of perspective frames.
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