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Oak Street Garage Signage

El Dorado

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Oak Street Garage Signage

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City of Kansas


  • Willoughby
  • Electrical Engineer: Lankford + Associates
  • Structural Engineer: Leigh and O’Kane

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Project Description

The team at El Dorado completed two projects for the Oak Street Garage—Pulse, a grid of blue LED train signal lamps that react to movement on two staircases, which was completed in 2003 (see timeline, page 81), and a wayfinding and signage system, completed in 2009, to help visitors navigate the 10-story garage’s confusing double-helix layout. In collaboration with graphic design firm Willoughby, the El Dorado team created a system of signs and placards that combine four visual cues—color, numbers, faces, and names—to help imprint the location of each visitor’s car. Placards on each floor and in each elevator cab depict either male names and faces—starting at infant (ground floor) and moving up to octogenarian (roof level)—on a green background, or female names and faces on an orange background, depending on which side of the building the visitor is parked. The hope is that including four visual cues will trigger visitors to remember at least one, meaning fewer lost cars and frustrated drivers.
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