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Norton Towers-On-The-Court

Lehrer Architects LA

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Norton Towers-On-The-Court

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  • General Contractor: Leo Moore
  • Jonathan Lehrer-Graiwer & Leo Moore
  • Landscape Architect: Mia Lehrer
  • Tom Bonner

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Project Description

2004 RADA
Multifamily / Merit

West Hollywood, Calif., has a legacy of courtyard housing, so the city encourages developers to build within the tradition. This project, however, is the first one to implement the standard on such a narrow lot--and to do it successfully. "Nicely executed," said our judges.

Architect Michael B. Lehrer says the project's master stroke is the west-facing aluminum and glass tower. It enlivens the modern facade of the six-unit building while also controlling natural light and ventilation. "On the ground floor of a typical unit, it would be dark," he says. "But here all the light is captured and you experience it on all floors." The tower acts as a thermal chimney, pulling hot air from the four floors and forcing it out through operable doors.

The exterior of each unit is delineated by bold colors, an inexpensive way to achieve richness and identity. And on the interior, Lehrer carried through the Modern aesthetic with such spare detailing as 1/4-inch reveals at wall bases, bamboo cabinetry and flooring, and synthetic concrete countertops.
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