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Northwest Peach Farm - Separate Peace

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Northwest Peach Farm - Separate Peace

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  • Padden Builders, Brian Mannix Builder
  • Michael Moran



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Separate Peace
K+B Studio

Northwest Peach Farm’s master bathroom also occupies a generous volume, and it, too, employs a simple motif to delineate functional areas without dividing the space into separate chambers. A freestanding makeup counter helps define the bathing area, its steel-framed mirror echoing the windows used throughout the house. A second counter, opposite the first, backs on a double shower framed in a glass-and-steel assembly sourced from the company that supplied the house’s exterior windows and doors. Another glazed steel door allows daylight into the toilet compartment. Limestone counters top the red cedar cabinets, while extra-small mosaic tiles lend a crisp rhythm to floors warmed by hydronic radiant heating. A flow-through dressing area separates the bath from the bedroom.

Each of the children’s bedrooms connects sleeping and bathing areas with a limestone surface that architect Paul Masi conceived as a “seamless element that sort of snakes through the room.” Beginning as a counter at the head of the built-in bed, it jumps up to form a desktop that segues to a sink counter. In the son’s suite the counter ends at a walk-in shower; in the daughter’s it turns a corner and drops to form the tub deck. A sliding barn door provides privacy, with a horizontal slot cut into the door neatly accommodating the counter’s profile.
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