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550 SW 2nd Avenue


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15,000 sq. feet




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Located in the heart of Gainesville's Innovation District, Nimbus is an office space like no other. Designed and executed by premier property management company Trimark Properties, Nimbus is an energy efficient building equipped to handle a variety of business needs. Trimark specializes in commercial real estate near Gainesville's heart of downtown. Offering options ranging from lab space, to café and retail, Trimark has a little bit of everything to offer local startups and companies.
Nimbus' minimalist design includes features such as onboarding space, a series of breakout offices which allow employees to conduct private calls and meetings. The additional space created in the office's 15,000 square feet creates a sense of privacy and a bit of breathing room in the fast paced work environment.
The office building has old time charm with the infusion of reclaimed wood from a 100 year old historic building. The wood was converted into wooden beams to serve both as an aesthetically pleasing feature and a repurposing function as well. The wood was sourced from the previous building on the lot, emphasizing the use of mixed materials in the project.
Dynamic glass was used throughout the building. This electrochromic glass is unique, adapting to the sun's height throughout the day and adjusting its tint accordingly in order to create a comfortable indoor climate. Natural light is filtered through the tinted glass, lowering energy costs as much as 20%. Nimbus made another environmentally-conscious choice with the construction of its single-ply roof. The roof was built with a high solar reflectivity index to further cut down energy costs and keep the building cool. The reflection of solar heat has reduced air conditioning costs as a result.
Lastly, the drainage system was designed to collect roof water and other water from storm drain sources in the parking lot. This water goes through a pre-treatment infiltration system to remove sediment, leaves, and potentially harmful nutrients before going through the municipal treatment system. This feature results in a lessened environmental footprint and cleaner storm water in Gainesville.
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