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New Taipei City Museum of Art - The Vagrant

Aleksandar Rudnik Milanovic

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Rudnik, Aleksandar Rudnik STUDIO

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New Taipei City Museum of Art - The Vagrant

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538,200 sq. meters


Aleksandar Rudnik Milanovic

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Project Description

Taipei City Museum of Art : NTCArt Architecture Competition

Architect: Aleksandar Rudnik Milanovic, Kragujevac,Serbia
Project Name: New Taipei City Museum of Art
Location: Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China
Client: New Taipei City Government
Program: Contemporary Museum, Children’s Museum, Public Service Spaces, Administrative
Spaces, and Parking
Result: Competition Entry

The New Taipei City Museum of Art is designed as an association with a crane (bird as a symbol of longevity), which embodies the concept of the nature and human needs for arts, into one building structure. This design proposal is based on the three possible ways to "get in" to the Cranes (bird) nest - Museum of Art .First entrance is from the train station route , across the pedestrian bridge above the high way. Second is from the present ground level (future bus and car parking under the building) and the third one and maybe the most important one, is the entrance from the future Cable car station (ground level that rich up the highest point of the location) which leads to the Yingge river promenade.
Structural concept is primarily based on eight concrete pre-stressed columns, roundly attached and connected to a secondary “bone type” beams. Such combination that persists on an organic geometry of the building, results in unique earthquake proof system. The Structural steel frame , in combination with the ETFE clad structure ( ETFE white pillows), was approach for the solution which could resolved the problem with façade, design that could be the adequate association for the ”white crane feathers”.
Exhibit spaces of the Museum were designed under the right “main”, and all the other spaces under the left wing of the Crane (building).The location of the Art themed restaurant was designed in the most attractive part of the building and that was the " Cranes head ". From that level , the guests /visitors could enjoy in the unique view of the landscape and the city of Taipei in vicinity. The main hall of the museum designed as a bird's lungs, a big balloon-like air sacs (atrium) could be filled in with a clean air, so when the cranes ”breathe out” (opening the atrium roof), the air flows in to the lungs (atrium) through the vertical and horizontal communication in to the museum. Recycled materials, energy-efficient geothermal heating and cooling, as well as recycled storm water from green solar roof could play a large role in energy saving design concepts of the NTCArt.

Aleksandar Rudnik Milanovic
Kragujevac Serbia ;
contact tel: +381668206131;
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