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New Sanctuary for Family Worship Center

Straughn Trout Architects, LLC

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THoeft, Straughn Trout Architects, LLC

Project Name

New Sanctuary for Family Worship Center


1330 Rose Street East


Project Status


Year Completed



58,000 sq. feet

Construction Cost



Family Worship Center

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Project Description

A new master plan was developed for a growing church in an otherwise blighted area. The master plan included additions, renovations and re-purposing of all existing building, expanded parking as well as a new 3,000 person Sanctuary building which would symbolize a revitalization of the ministry as well as the community. This sanctuary was located adjacent to an existing youth ministry building. Entries to the new sanctuary were located on axis with existing and new circulation routes from parking and other campus buildings. Well landscaped plazas as well as planters that penetrate to the inside of the glass lobby facade at each entry serve as a welcoming transition for those that the church is trying to reach outside and those who seek disciple inside.
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