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Project Description

The MVP offices are located within the car storage area of a Historic 1925 Packard car dealership. . The original concrete frame and deck, and brick walls were left raw and exposed in their original condition, and new modern partitions installed. The tempered insulated glass wall panels were salvaged from the building’s renovated storefront. The highlights of blue acrylic spacers at the joints express the overlap of the unmodified glass panels utilized in a new configuration. Simple ceiling clouds were used at key areas to visually unclutter the abundance of existing mechanical systems serving other parts of the building.

MVP is a growing medical equipment insurance company. The 6225 SF space is designed to accommodate the current 11 employee office spaces and allow easy growth into a 20 person office. The owner’s personal art collection was placed into service within the gallery spaces that will become future offices, creating a space that is as much for enjoyment of art as for working. Glass panels were placed between offices and into the corridors to allow limited existing window daylight to penetrate the entire space. Simple track lights are used to highlight art and task surfaces, and hidden strip fluorescent strips are placed to wash walls and ceilings to enhance the sense of lightness and movement. Two wall paint colors, soft white and grey, are assigned to the solid partitions according to direction. Highlights of wood cabinets and doors were coordinated with the company’s existing office furniture. The result creates a unique mixture of undefined and flowing spaces, while maintaining privacy within the individual rooms.

MVP, a growing medical equipment insurance company, has new offices in the Historic Packard building. Designed for flexibility and growth, gallery spaces can become future offices. Raw brick and concrete are combined with modern partitions, including glass panels salvaged from the building’s renovated storefront. The result is a unique mix of flowing spaces, both for art enjoyment and work.
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