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MLive Media Group Regional Hubs

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MLive Media Group Regional Hubs


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Project Description

The challenge was to provide workplace environments that would enable a new business model to flourish across the state. A co-located team, led by Progressive AE, had to design and construct four spaces, ranging from 6,000 s.f. to 20,000 s.f., within three months. The team conducted a one week visioning and design charrette to produce schematic designs for all locations. With a vision for the hubs, and a range of space needs in both location and size, Signature Associates researched potential lease space and brokered leases to meet the aggressive schedule. In the following three weeks design development and contract document sets were issued. The finished hubs opened two months later.

The environments were required to promote new behaviors and provide an energetic brand experience. Their brand focused on:

Artistry, collaboration, energy and excellence that supported a mobile workforce.

Fast-paced, relevant, powerful excellence, where they are customer-centric and digitally innovative.

Fun, cool and smart.

Dynamic, vital and engaging that creates a buzz.

The space is fluid, bright and open. We designed space for open brainstorming with multiple tools for free thinking and sharing of ideas. Research suggests that big volumes filled with natural light support and nurture creativity. We strategically located creative environments in tall spaces connected to views and natural light; distributed throughout to encourage spontaneous meetings and movement. The mobile workforce can select space based on their work style.
The main body of space is cradled by an undulating media wall. This wall contains tools for collaboration including white board, projection, and LCD monitors. It supports small group to large group interaction. Furthermore, the wall reflects the heritage and brand of the company by including large artistic photographs produced by our client. The wall immerses the space in an artistic brand experience while providing a very active engagement area.
Highly mobile nomads need a place that makes it easy to unpack and get to work quickly, to see and be seen by colleagues so they can network, collaborate and learn from others. The workplace must provide for small impromptu meetings, as well as larger brainstorming areas. Workstations are unassigned allowing the worker to create in a way that best supports their activity.
Unassigned enclave spaces fulfill the need for temporary privacy, to support individual concentration or small group interaction. They are ideal for focused work or phone calls. All enclosed space has transparency to promote connectivity to the larger community.

Hospitality zones are integrated throughout to promote comfort, lingering and friendly interaction that revitalize. They offer areas to re-posture, supporting long active hours of work and casual brainstorming. Technology and tools are integrated to provide a work any place, anytime vibe.

We applied furniture that is light and mobile, reflecting the active environment. The open collaboration spaces allow staff to seamlessly switch from focused work to quick team meetings, changing postures and positions. Because of the fluid nature of the space, open areas are lit with a random array of strip fixtures, resembling pick-up sticks. This allows the furniture to be easily reconfigured as it is not tied to an overhead grid.
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