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Milan Expo 2015: Austria

team.breathe.austria, Architect in Charge: Klaus K. Loenhart, Concept: Maren Richter

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Milan Expo 2015: Austria

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560 sq. meters


Milan Expo 2015

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Project Description

The theme "Breathe Austria": An innovative way of addressing nutrition
The pavilion of Austria focuses on the most fundamental and universal source of food: Air. "Air, climate and atmosphere connect every organism on Earth, which means nutrition is directly related to climatic conditions" explains Josef Pröll. With this theme, Austria will insist on the importance of air purity in the production of safe and healthy food.

The Pavilion, designed by Klaus K. Loenhart, aims at recreating, in a 1,910 square meter space, the purity of the Austrian air and the lushness of its forests, thus inviting the visitor into a unique ecosystem. Once inside the pavilion, visitors will instantly sense and experience the difference with the hot Italian summer. According to Mr. Pröll, the pavilion "will offer a place of calm, sensual pleasure and inspiration for visitors."

The pavilion will work as a sort of photosynthesis device. It will not consume but produce oxygen. The building will create a frame around a vegetation zone. The framed structure will generate, without air conditioning, the microclimatic conditions of the Austrian forest. The trees and vegetation inside it will amount to a total leaf -and evaporation- surface of about 43,200 square meters thus allowing the production of oxygen for 1,800 people per hour.

terrain : landscape urbanism BDA, Graz – Univ.Prof. Klaus K. Loenhart
in cooperation with
Agency in Biosphere, Graz – Markus Jeschaunig
Hohensinn Architektur, Graz – Karlheinz Boiger
TU Graz Institute for Architecture and Landscape/ LandLab – Andreas Goritschnig und Bernhard König
Lendlabor, Graz – Anna Resch und Lisa Maria Enzenhofer

Exhibition concept: Maren Richter, Linz (u.a. Co-Curator of the Malediven Pavillon/55. Venice Biennale 2013, Art director Regionale 12)
Climate engineering: Transsolar Energietechnik, München – Dr. Wolfgang Kessling (Donau University Krems)
Vegtation engineering: Dr. Bernhard Scharf, Wien (BOKU Institute of Soil Bioengineering and Landscape Construction /IBLB)
Structural design: Engelsmann Peters Beratende Ingenieure, Graz / Stuttgart
Univ.Prof. Stefan Peters (TU Graz – Institut für Tragwerksentwurf)
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