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Mid-Century Mod on the Prairie

Jonathan Lipman, AIA & Associates

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MaharishiVastu, Jonathan Lipman, AIA & Associates

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Mid-Century Mod on the Prairie

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  • Jonathan Lipman, AIA & Associates, LLC
  • High-Tech Housing

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Project Description

A clean, mid-century modern design built on the Iowa prairie. Modular home design.
- Ancient system of natural law-based architecture that creates influences of health, happiness, and enlightenment, and a profound integration with the environment.
- Elements of the house using this system include its orientation, proportions, measurements, room placement, building elements, siting, and more.
- All the electrical wires shielding and kill circuit set up to greatly reduce electrosmog (EMF and electrical radiation).
- No microwave oven
- 1500 s.f.—sized for energy efficiency
- Modular, minimizing construction waste
- Fiber-cement panel with aluminum flashing cladding system
- Universal (aging in place) design
- The finishing and built-ins are by local artists/artisans, and family artists
- Save for those pieces that were newly made by local master craftsmen, all furniture is the family’s.
- Highly insulated building envelope (8” insulated wall cavity)
- All LED lighting
- Five solar tubes to completely eliminate dependence on artificial lighting during daylight hours
- Net-zero energy (subject to results of data tracking) from garage-roof photovoltaic solar panels
- No freezer
- Non-toxic construction materials
- All organic wool or cotton in new furnishings, including mattress pads, pillows, duvets, sheets, and rugs
- All plantings are native garden or regional prairie species
- All exterior lighting is Dark Skies Initiative compliant
- Registered wildlife habitat designed to support pollinators
- Fruit trees and bushes for nourishment of occupant, neighbors, and wildlife
- Verandahs or screen porches along most of the perimeter of the house providing ability to live close to garden and wildlife most of the year
- Client recently took a bio-nutrient workshop for soil health and plans to use the information in it to add bio-nutrients to the soil on her site.
- Two rain gardens and rill to responsibly divert run-off from storm sewers into local aquifer
- Patio & other hardscape are permeable
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