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Meyer Residence

Brininstool + Lynch

Project Name

Meyer Residence

Project Status


Year Completed



15,700 sq. feet


  • Structural Engineer: C.E. Anderson & Associates
  • General Contractor: Vissering Construction Company



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Project Description

Situated on a pastoral 32-acre field that is surrounded by dense woods and a creek, providing this residence with access to a view was easy. The challenge, however, was to integrate the building design with the site so that it becomes an intrinsic part of the view. This design was inspired by the stone, concrete, and galvanized steel of utilitarian structures such as grain elevators, silos, barns, and sheds that are found among the agrarian buildings within the surrounding landscape.
An asymmetrical, axial plan for the house accommodates vehicles and an indoor swimming pool within a long split-volume of double-walled, insulated concrete. This is juxtaposed with an intersecting two-story volume of corrugated metal, steel, and concrete. The second story is a long, horizontal box structured in steel and clad in zinc that extends above a first floor living area where openings between concrete walls are filled with floor to ceiling glass.
Various rooms are partitioned interior volumes of space, developed from the placement of millwork. Each room transitions into the next, and the house centers on enhanced light, movement, material, and visual connection to the landscape.
Passive solar and geo-thermal systems extensively reduce both energy consumption and the need for traditional mechanical equipment. As a result, projected energy costs will be 75% lower than those associated with conventional systems, dramatically reducing environmental impact.
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