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Mestia Police Station

J. Mayer H. and Partner, Architekten

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Mestia Police Station

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Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia




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Project Description

From ARCHITECT, November 2013
J. Mayer H. Architects in Georgia, by Ian Volner:

In Mestia, Mayer’s office completed three projects over the course of two years, including the city’s main police station. The building’s towerlike form in its context of low-slung houses and commercial structures is an homage to the historic defensive towers of the region. And Mayer’s office looked to other local vernacular elements to inform the design as well: “In Mestia, [there are a lot of] pitched roofs and stone, so the police station has stone,” Mayer says. “Some references are not so direct. They are loose interpretations of what we find could be interesting.” The police station’s textured precast concrete panels reference the local masonry, and the curvaceous window openings offer maximum transparency into the three-story structure. The vocabulary used here speaks directly to the House of Justice project, which was completed just down the street.

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