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Marcel Breuer “House in the Garden” (Lauck House, 1950)

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Marcel Breuer “House in the Garden” (Lauck House, 1950)

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3,700 sq. feet


  • General Contractor: Chris Brenner
  • General Contractor: Brenner Painting
  • Jeff Tryon

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Project Description

2009 RADA
Restoration / Preservation / Merit

A few judicious moves reclaimed this vintage Marcel Breuer home, whose design was based on a house he exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art in 1949. Architects Sara Segal, LEED AP, and Rafi Segal restored the house for themselves, using archival research as a guide in stripping paint from plywood walls, rebuilding partitions, and restoring window profiles.

The Rockefeller Foundation, which owns the exhibit house, supplied a color analysis keyed to today's paint colors. “Breuer had a special blue that was a combination of blue, white, and gray,” says Rafi Segal. “The white has a bit of yellow in it, and these nuances make a huge difference.”

“This house could easily have been torn down,” a judge said of the restoration's rigor. “It's a good precedent that they kept it.”
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