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Mandeville Canyon Residence

Griffin Enright Architects

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Mandeville Canyon Residence

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4,600 sq. feet

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Project Description

The site for this project is a cul-de-sac that creates a tapered lot and a small curved front yard line, while the rear yard of the site opens to canyon and city views. Two distinct conditions emerge from the design, from the rear yard the house is seen as a series of horizontal volumes that merge with the landscape, while the entrance, at the front, is more vertical and urban. This front-back dichotomy is emphasized byt eh articulation of two vertical walls that fold into roof surfaces to create a backdrop that anchors the horizontal qualities of the terrain.

The two shell-like walls shift in plan to differentiate a formal entry and frame the views of the canyon beyond. This volumetric split creates a two-story entry which contains the stair to the second-floor bedrooms. From teh stair hall, a lage opening at the ground level leads to the living area and reveals the expansive vista over-looking the city beyond. The open living, dining, and kitchen areas are surrounded by moveable glass doors that telescope open to the elongated porach. The exterior deck and landscape merge with the topography, creating a lap pool along the site ledge and a stair down to the landscape below. The shift int he volumes of the ifrst and second floor creates coerage for the perimeter deck, providing the sense of enclosure in the exterior space, which in turn connects to the terrain of the site. The second floor is biseted by an open court that separates teh master bedroom from teh childrens' bedrooms while joining a second floor deck that wraps both volumes. Cantilevering at the corner of the house, the master bedroom views are maximized both up the canyon and towards the city.
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