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M:OFA: ITM School of Business

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M:OFA: ITM School of Business

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India in its last ten years has seen a new business environment, where the younger generation is no longer threatened by the western big brothers. They embrace thtraditional business idioms, while continuously flying across international waters, marrying the two together at every step; an image of a head soaring high up in the sky with its feet
trudging a solid, leveled ground. The very embodiment of this architectural philosophy is the campus of ITM School of Business, Gwalior. Accessed through a prominent and dominating site on National Highway No. 75, the campus of ITM School of Business merges with ease the surroundings and compliments its neighbor- the majestic Aravalli Ranges with grace and humility.At first glance, the building sits like a solid stone block with a lightweight industrial roof hovering over it supported by thin surrealistic legs. This image does two things; creates a mystery of what lies inside and secondly reminds us of a most rudimentary way of protection from the harsh sun, a large plane creating a shadow with a
massive footprint: both done to reduce the carbon footprint created by large air conditioned institutions otherwise. The roof provides a sense of relief to the inhabitants and makes the ITM School of Business, an inherently green building. The open parasol roof over a hollowed out space allows the hot air to escape creating convection currents allowing the natural winds to flow in cooled by the surrounding green landscape. Further, the plants on the first level retain moisture, thus moderating the temperatures at the ground
level and keeping the air refreshed. Behind the solid mass created by the traditional dholpur clad walls lies a fluid interior space that flows in from one court of the building to
the other.
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