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Logipark Logistic Park and Administrative Offices

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Project Name

Logipark Logistic Park and Administrative Offices

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130,000 sq. meters


Access Capital Turkey

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Project Description

A logistic park of 126.000 sqm closed area on 160.000 sqm land in Tuzla…

42 m natural slope of land was a challenge as big warehouses had to be placed on flat ground.

8 big warehouse blocks, approximately 15.000 sqm each, were placed paralel to the land slope. By this design approach, huge amount of money which otherwise would be spent on excavation was saved.

Each block has easy access to 2 different transit roads on each side.

On each side of each block; triangular spots were formed by the angle between the blocks and the land .The office buildings and loading ramps were placed side by side on these triangular plots and by this way two advantages were achived; the land was used effectively up to its limits and the visual relation was formed between the loading ramps and the offices.

An extra mezanine floor area which is actually inside the warehouse area, was achieved for the offices which are adjacent to the warehouse blocks by using the the minimum mezanine floor ceeling height for logistic buildings.

Warehouses were designed according to the international insurance and fire regulations.

By designing stylish and comfortable offices open to sea view, complying to A class office standarts, the companies renting warehouse areas were encouraged to move their offices which used to be in the city center here. This was the strength of the Logipark project as other warehouse facilities do not include sufficient office spaces.

The galleries with inner courtyards, using the aesthetic mesh material on facades for sound and heat insulation, the green retaining walls made by geoslope applications instead of cold concrete retaining walls on level differences between each block were some of the other design elements.

Besides all, Logipark is the fisrst and biggest logistics park project of Turkey.

Project Location: Orhanlı, Tuzla, İstanbul
Project Type: Depot, Offices
Employer: Access Capital Turkey
Consultant: Selco Danışmanlık
Electrical Project: Eltes Mühendislik
Mechanical Project: Rota Mühendislik
Lighting Project: Eltes Mühendislik, Artı Mühendislik
Construction Style: Prefabrike, Betonarme
Structural Project: Doruk Mühendislik
Projcet Manager: Tekden
Photography: Fethi İzan
Project Start Date: 2007
Project End Date: 2011
Construction Start Date: 2007
Construction End Date: 2012
Building Plot Area: 237.000 m²
Total Construction Area: 130.000 m²
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