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Living On Wheels by Dilip Revar

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Living On Wheels by Dilip Revar

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‘Living on Wheels’ by Dilip Revar

What if you took the elements that divide us from our surroundings, the enclosures within which we spend our days, and made them transient, capable of moving out of the way, so you can lie in your bed and look up at the stars, step out of your living room directly onto water, open your walls and let nature in. That was the idea for this experimental home, a space that defines yet grows, protects yet allows you to explore.

In this modern era of congestion, boundaries and gated communities, when I took up the task of designing a weekend getaway, what emerged was a memory of the undefined rooms and forgotten courtyards of our traditional homes where no function is distinct where the spaces are used in different way’s over the day and across the seasons and the line between inside and outside is blurred.

Located far from the urban sprawl, nestled on a mountain side two basic 6m x 6m x 6m cubes come together to form a home. One accommodating the service areas and the other the living. These simple cubes placed linearly become charged elements in space like the poles of a magnet as they move in relation to each other animating the area between. The service core containing the kitchen and a toilet open to the elements remains stationary and forms a docking point for the bedroom and living space that seems to float languidly toward it over the water body on which it rests. The permutations are limitless as the spaces come together to form a compact home and pull apart to expose the entire length of the pool making the boundaries of the dwelling dissolve and appear infinite.

Suspended within and surrounded by nature which takes on the role of the walls and ceiling and floor, this house becomes an attempt to change the very definition of a shelter from a space that not only encloses and shields to one that liberates and reveals new horizons, a space that is never constant but changes with the passing of time and the impulses of the individual.

Let the rain in, Look at the moon & stars while sleeping,
Let the sky be your roof & the water your floor.
Let your house be without doors & windows,
Let it be a new feeling, a new experience & a new dimension.
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