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Legacy ER

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Project Description


Running a hybrid program comprising of Urgent Care and state-licensed Emergency Room, Legacy ER aims to advance community access to high-quality healthcare services by positioning the architectural significance of its facility into direct alignment with its goal of elevating the patient care experience to an unprecedented level. The conceptual framework seeks to capture, in aesthetic terms, the duality of the emergency medical professional characters, projecting outwardly the knowledge, skill, precision, and decisiveness necessary for the practice of emergency medicine, and reflecting inwardly the gentle, emphatic, and humanistic qualities of the persons beneath the robe. It is realized simply through an architectural montage of sharply folded exterior robe of zinc panels and softly sculpted interior plastered planes. The points through which natural daylight and outdoor views unite the form of the exterior and the sculptured space of the interior create apertures that penetrate through the building envelope and interior planes and elucidate those intersecting tectonic moments.

Juror Comments:
This architectural response to a straightforward planning solution is an exciting vision of how good design represents the intent of a building. The result is a fresh and innovative solution to freestanding urgent care centers and emergency rooms. Angular forms identify this facility as an important place without intimidating patrons. The use of light to define the forms makes most unique and delightful. Overall, the interior design is very clean and good use of colors, translucency, and natural light. The exterior design is exceptional, very sculptural and the staff amenity spaces are extraordinary. The strong design concept is consistently implemented at all levels, creating a highly visible branded object within the suburban surroundings.

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