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Le Carré

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Katie Lynn, Student Project

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Le Carré


21st Street & Collins Avenue

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Student Work

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200,000 sq. feet

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Project Description

Titled Le Carré, French for the neighborhood, this new aged resort is designed around the idea of a social immersion experience with not only other guests but the local population via social media and technology. The concept revolves around quite literally breaking down the typical South Beach high rise hotel and idea that technology only brings people apart, in order to create a truly unique hotel experience.

If you ask most people, they’ll say that what they remember from any vacation boils down to two things- how they felt (or their experience) and the people they were with. While most hotels claim that they foster these two important factors, many hotel designs provide the contrary; They leave guests frustrated in long lines at the front desk, waiting impatiently for an elevator, or feeling so secluded that they never once experienced the true culture of their destination.

So, it’s natural that we immediately threw out the conventional idea of a high rise tower with centralized amenities and instead fit the same program into an architectural conception with a lower profile and amenities spread through out making sure to place some in the plaza also available to the public. By doing this, along with an infusion of the latest technology + social media, we eliminated the use of an elevator entirely, replaced the front desk with a friendly hotel ambassador equipped with iPad for a more personal check-in experience in which guests get personally walked through the resort to their room, and gave the local culture a place in our resort experience.

Wanting to key in on the use of technology and social media, the concept of our rooms revolve around the idea of a neighborhood, in which each room transitions from a very public front porch that can be opened to connect to a central party space with neighbors to a further, more private experience in the back of the room. The most unique part of the whole idea of the neighborhood is that if you aren’t already coming with a large group of friends, prior to check-in, you can actually decide who your neighbors might be via their social media site.
While the architecture and concept revolve around breaking down common assumptions, the experience at Le Carré is quite the contrary; it’s a resort that rids itself of anything but truly bringing people together to have a great time.
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