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Krystal Laputa


Project Name

Krystal Laputa

Year Completed



5,213,866 sq. meters


Wide Horizon


  • Tim Magill
  • Mike Swischuk
  • Mark Welz
  • Melissa Hsu
  • Gene Pyo
  • Scott Towar
  • Dionicio Valdez
  • Jeremy Swanson
  • Abbie Chung



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Project Description

Rising above the lush terrain of Chengdu China, Krystal Laputa is poised to introduce a new class of luxury residential with its three high-rise towers and mid-rise building. The 150,000 square foot project will also include a fitness center, a full spa and a 4,000 square foot penthouse that culminates at the top of the towers.

Designed to evoke the sense of a floating neighborhood in the sky, Krystal Laputa’s towers hover over the expansive lake and are connected by marinas, waterways, and elevated land bridges. A third floor sky park also connects all three towers and floats over the road while parks and recreational spaces sit on the land bridges to engage the community in outdoor activities.

The close interaction and proximity between the project and the natural environment is displayed throughout, including the addition of private gardens for each unit. Once exiting the elevator, residents immediately enter into their personal green space as they make their way to the unit.

Transportation also holds a prominent role as seen in the three levels devoted to the modes of travel that are accommodated within the project: a series of pedestrian paths and walkways, peppered with play areas and running trails, garages in each of the three towers for automobiles, and boat houses beneath, along with a fleet of water taxis. Each transportation level also houses its own lobby.

Identity and differentiation between units were also integral design goals that drove the look of the project. To accomplish this, Krystal Laputa’s facade plays with form and space as balconies and rooms protrude outward from the central core and elevator. The units alternate back and forth with a strong sense of lightness, opening each unit up to the sky, the hills and water below.
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