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Kayseri Sahabiye Urban Deisgn

Sabri Paşayiğit Design Office (SPDO)

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SPDO, Sabri Paşayiğit Design Office (SPDO)

Project Name

Kayseri Sahabiye Urban Deisgn

Project Status

Concept Proposal


1,200,000 sq. meters


Municipality of Kayseri



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Project Description

SABRI PASAYIGIT DESIGN OFFICE has recently revealed a new master plan for Municipality of Kayseri in Sahabiye neighborhood of Kayseri,Turkey . The project “ KAYSERI SAHABIYE URBAN DESIGN” has been designed in 2015.
The project is a challenge between historical architecture and modern architecture as an urban transformation. The design strategy has focused on the historical castle of Kayseri which is the city center point as a place where the urban design will go throw the old city, exactly by designing public spaces as physical connections.
In order to avoid repeated architectural design, there are phases with particular style were planned by following similar architectural language. By going far from the city center, taller buildings will show up and volumes of the project will end up with two iconic office buildings to be the new symbol of Kayseri. Cultural and public buildings are closer to the historical center.
The project will provide an efficient solution for the traffic problem of the city center by dividing the traffic load with a large scale double street design along the green area.
The most important point of the design is to connect the green large scale park of the project to the historical part of the center, by adding another large scale green area which will cross the old one. The meeting point of the 2 large scale green parks is the exact location for the 2 commercial towers which represent the role of Kayseri in the economy of Turkey. Also it will symbolize Kayseri as a commercial meeting point since Kayseri was one of the important caravanserais of Silk Road
The project is now among the 3 finalists to be selected for the new urban planning of Kayseri .
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