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Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural & Popular Music Center Design Entry

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Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural & Popular Music Center Design Entry

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113,900 sq. meters

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Construction Office, Public Works Bureau, Kaohsiung City Governmentr


  • Robert Ostan
  • David Chang

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Project Description

Before we start the design, we have set the following main goals for ourselves, and we believe we have achieved all our goals in our design:

First, our design be global and must have universal appeal. Our complex and overall building design must be very unique, bold, and provides iconic shapes and forms that will put Kaohsiung and Taiwan on the map, in the same way that Sydney Opera House has put Sydney and the entire continent of Australia on the map. Every building in our design has a very unique shape or form, once you have seen it, you’ll not forget it.

Second, our design must be local and have deep regional roots. Our design must have a theme that related to the Taiwanese and Asian culture, and provide symbolic meanings that can create deep psychological, intellectual, and mental connections and connotation, and distinguish Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural & Popular Music Center (KPOP) from other buildings in the world.

Our overall design theme and concept origins from pearls and the timeless verses in the Pipa Song, written by the famous poet, Bai Juyi in 816:
“The bold strings rattled like splatters of sudden rain,
The fine strings hummed like lovers' whispers.
Chattering and pattering, pattering and chattering,
As pearls, large and small, on a jade plate fall.”

Third, our design will create a complex that allow and encourage 24x7 activities that is not limited by the performance schedule. We achieve this goal by mixing retail spaces, exhibition spaces, performance spaces, and landscape areas together to create an organic and unique entity that provide many choices for the building users, visitors and general public.

Fourth, our design will create a new tourist attraction for Kaohsiung city and Taiwan, and draw visitors from all over the world. We achieve this goal by the unique imagery of the complex and the buildings, and the many choices provided by the integrative space design.

Fifth, our design will create great imagery, and provide great views from both the Kaohsiung city and from the ocean. It will also provide great advantage points for views to the Kaohsiung city, the harbor, and the ocean. We achieve this goal by provide advantageous, high viewing points in various spaces, for example, the roof top gardens on top of the Large Performance Hall and the Small Performance Hall provides great and advantageous viewing points for views to the Kaohsiung city, the harbor, scenic pearl shape restaurant on site, the amphitheater on site, and the ocean. The scenic pearl shape restaurant on top of the connecting bridge also provides advantageous viewing points for views to the Kaohsiung city, the harbor, the performance halls on site, the amphitheater on site, and the ocean.

Sixth, architect Gang Chen, the founder of ArchiteG, Inc is a LEED AP BD+C and a leading authority on green architecture and LEED building rating system. Our design is sustainable, and will meet at least the LEED gold certification requirements and other criteria in the design brief.

A. 敷地設計意象及整體配置規劃初步構想/Complex Imagery and site plan preliminary design concepts
在開始設計之前, 我們給自己定了以下幾個主要的目標, 我們相信我們的設計已經達到了這幾個主要的目標:

首先﹐我們的設計必須是全球性的, 必須對全世界的人都有吸引力。我們的敷地設計意象, 建築群和建築的總體設計意象必須非常獨特、大膽, 必須有象征性的造型和意象, 並且能夠將高雄和台灣放到地圖上, 讓全世界的人因為這個設計都知道高雄和台灣, 正如悉尼歌劇院設計讓全世界的人都知道悉尼和澳洲一樣。

其次, 我們的設計必須有地區性的特色, 必須有在地的根。我們設計的主題和意象必須和台灣和亞洲的文化有關, 必須有象征意義, 必須能夠激發人們心理上和文化上的聯想, 必須有言外之意, 必須讓高雄海洋文化及流行音樂中心 (KPOP)與世界上別的地方的建築有所區別。我們的每一棟建築都很有特色, 您一旦看過以後就不會忘記。

本設計的主題和整體意象源自珍珠和唐朝诗人白居易於816年創作的长篇乐府诗, 《琵琶行》中的千古名句:
“大弦嘈嘈如急雨, 小弦切切如私语。
嘈嘈切切错杂弹, 大珠小珠落玉盘。”

第三, 我們的設計將允許並鼓勵全天24小時的各種活動, 不受演出時間的限制。我們將零售、購物、休閒、展覽、演出、園林綠化等各種空間混合在一起, 形成一個有機的、獨特的整體, 為建築使用者、遊客、演出人員和公眾提供一個多種活動的選擇。

第四, 我們的設計將為高雄和台灣創造一個新的旅遊點, 將世界各地的遊客都吸引過來。我們是通過建築群和建築的獨特的設計, 和綜合性的空間來達到這個目的的。

第五, 我們通過的獨特設計, 為從高雄市區或者海上看KPOP的人們創造一個新的美景。同時我們的設計也為KPOP的人們創造了從KPOP看高雄市區或者海上美景的機會。我們是通過在KPOP建築群內創造有利於觀景的制高點來達到這個目的的。例如, 我們設計的珍珠形的大、小展演廳樓頂端設置的屋頂花園和連接橋頂設置的觀景餐廳不僅是高雄的新地標, 而且為人們創造了從KPOP建築群看高雄市區、高雄港、或者海上美景的有利於觀景的制高點。

第六, 美國雅吉特建築師事務所的創辦者, 陳鋼建築師是LEED AP BD+C持證專家和綠色建築的權威。我們的設計將通過綠色建築標章審查, 至少取得「黃金級認證」, 並且將達到可持續性評估標準以及其他設計標準。
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