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3,189 sq. feet


  • John Petri, Petri Architecture


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The Jones came to us approximately 6 years ago with a dream of building their last home on the lot that they had just bought in a lovely mountain community. They began working with a local architect off and on for about 3 years but were never satisfied with the design. So we created a partnership with a fellow architect that we knew and enjoyed working with and the Jones began working through us in a design/build relationship. They wanted to push the design boundaries of the status quo in the neighborhood by taking the required Craftsman style and adding some Asian design elements with a modern twist. The result is what we refer to as our “Japalachian” style which offers clean lines, passive solar extended eaves, lots of natural light and outdoor living. As with all Living Stone homes, it is built with universal design and features main level living, in this case on two floors, with the use of an elevator. It is an Energy Star rated home with a low HERS score of 57 and is also certified Gold in the NC Greenbuilt program. Among many other green features, the home was built using a geothermal HVAC system with a heat pump water heater tied into the system. The home has many outstanding qualities, however the owners preferred space, is the screen porch on the back of the home that is elevated into the trees. It has an exposed timber rafter roof, stone fireplace, outdoor grill with exhaust system, a big screen TV for watching the games and a pass-through window from the kitchen for food prep. All-in-all, this is the perfect home to retire to in the mountains, to kick back, relax and enjoy life.
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