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itinerant station

orb design

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dmadsen, hanley wood, llc

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itinerant station

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90 sq. feet


  • designer Svetlogor Sofroniev


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Project Description

'Itinerant' is a concept: it’s a innovative, modular, rational and ecologically friendly method of building. But it’s also a product: a building system for business, hospitality and living, various prefabricated parts that enable you to design your own building. The units are constructed to have a maximum of comfort on a minimum of space. It is a self containing, efficient, autonomous, ecological system, made of eco friendly materials. Easy installing, no need of any irreversible techniques ( like concreting ). It can be reused, relocated and redesigned, what makes it more sustainable. Multifunctional, modular room (house) system. Many possibilities for size and performance. Low production cost. Supplied with renewable (green) energy, composting toilet, recycling water system. Installation on location without footprint. Multiple use: hotel/hostel room, recreation house, office space, home, temporary housing for refugees/students.
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