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Designed as part of a seven home master plan, IndyMod One was built in conjunction with Ursula David of IndyMod Homes. This 1800sf private residence is situated in the historic, urban, Cottage Home Neighborhood in Indianapolis, IN. While a truly modern design, it embraces the historic style of the neighborhood. The first of its kind in Indianapolis, this prefab home was built in a factory in Bristol, IN around a 28 day building schedule and then delivered to the site and assembled in a single day. Building these homes prefabricated allows for greater structural integrity, higher energy efficiency and reduced building times. This was the first in a series of homes that are being built in Cottage home as part of an urban core infill effort by Ursula David.

Using IndyMod One as a study for the remaining lots, great effort was put into defining the character and feel of what the modern interpretation of an historic home in the area would and could be. The Cottage Home Neighborhood is rich in diversity, from single level shotgun bungalow’s and Italianate style homes to Gablefront homes that have taken on styles ranging from Gothic Revival to Queen Anne, there was a lot of precedent to pull from. With that in mind, it was important for these new homes to have their own style, to be of their own time and not to try and mimic or imitate the past.

Instead, the goal was to use the form, color and massing of the existing neighborhood to create a modern home with a nod to the past. The massing of the components entails a slight abstraction of the gable form and by shifting the east wing to the south, allows for the house to relate to the corner restrictions of the lot as well as providing a notable natural entry point for the house. The shift also provides space in the rear for a back patio, sheltering it from the street. The house is a single story but its design incorporates a 12/12 pitched roof, a nod to the historic homes in the area, and allows a taller form to relate to the adjacent two story residences. The pitch also allows for high vaulted spaces to occur in both the west and east wings. These spaces create a dramatic interior sequence.

The overall plan is divided into three parts for reasons of function and exterior massing but also for the simple reason of transporting the final constructed components. The west wing contains living, dining and kitchen functions while the central piece contains a home office and serves as a connector, both to the east wing and to the outside. The east wing contains two bedrooms with bathrooms and a laundry. Finishes for IndyMod One include dark oak flooring, custom solid surface countertops, custom cabinetry, specialty lighting and modern furniture.

Prefabrication offers several advantage compared to a traditional building process. The 28 day building schedule is made possible because all materials are stocked on site. The assembly line like building process puts building specialists where they are most effective and dramatically increases efficiency. In addition, because the homes are fully engineered prior to construction, waste is kept to a minimum and over 70% of all remaining construction waste is recycled. The exterior walls are all 2x6 construction with R-21 eco-batt insulation. In addition, a layer of plywood between the studs and the interior drywall adds to the overall R-value and further reduces air infiltration possibilities.
This added layer keeps the drywall from cracking during shipment and allows the house to be almost completely finished prior to delivery. All interior appliances, plumbing fixtures, lighting and finishes, with the exception of the finish flooring, is installed at the factory as part of the finished pieces as they roll down the highway.
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