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Indonesian Kampung Riverside Design Proposal

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Project Name

Indonesian Kampung Riverside Design Proposal


kampung Pulo



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Concept Proposal

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Kampung Pulo, Indonesia


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Project Description

This project is called “connecting archi[texture]. Because the focus area of this project is exploring the connectivity material from around of the site. Location of the site is in Kampung Pulo, which is small area like village. But its still include in Jakarta’s area. Kampung can not separated with the Jakarta’s living, because some of people community still live in Kampung. In kampung pulo consist of the average human life is lower class. one of the most important in this area is river area as connector with the other area. in existing, the people use “getek” to cross the river. some of them also use the river side to get their daily activity, such as washing clothes, taking a bath, public toilet and some of children usually get playing in there. but, the problem is their daily system is so crowded. and actually their area is so potentially to develop become an interesting area.

This project is so important as proposal to Jakarta’s Living better. Because it can change the image of Kampung in Jakarta from slum area’s image became a tourism area, like Bali or China’s Town. So, the people come to Jakarta is not only to look the how glamour of Jakarta’sliving as Capital City, but there is something else living in Jakarta which proper to see. This project want to introduce “the good” living Kampung in Jakarta.

The challenge of this project is how to change the attitude of the society without change their living. So, the design is developed by reading the pattern of society’s living first, such as the behavior of people in river side is throw the trash in random spot. So if you look at the river side, it’s like so slum and full of trash. This project is designed to change that behavior, so they can maximize the using of riverside become better and enjoy to see it. The program of this project consist of area of fishing, hanging clothes, traditional market, garden area, and gathering area.

Hopefully, this project can be a new system for river side in Kampung Pulo area, so the image of kampong in Jakarta is not “slum image” again. Making a better life for Jakarta’s future is started with the riverside in Kampung Pulo.
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