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ILDUOMO Coffee Shop

AAIMM Architecture Office

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Project Name

ILDUOMO Coffee Shop


Plaça Espanya

Av. Catalunya

Project Status


Year Completed



100 sq. meters



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Project Description

The project recovers the essence of traditional architecture and simple agricultural building
of the past rural Catalonia; local and organic materials, warm and with textures, dodging the high-tech solutions and specializations at the expense of a traditional, simple spirit.
This philosophy is applied to all areas of the project from the design of the building itself and its interior spaces or the treatment of light and shadows inside, to the products that the
coffee sells. The atmosphere of the interior lightning is achieved by managing filters made
of wooden slats and generate light contrasts, shadows and cozy corners, spaces of
relaxation and disconnection that reminiscence the interior spaces of the agricultural
landscape buildings. Senses are encouraged to generate ease, warmth and rest in an
animated conversation.
The interior of the building is exposed to the prying eyes of the tide of pedestrians which
walks by all day long next to the coffee, it even lets us play with the transparencies of the
slats at the point of the façade where the pedestrian’s transit is the busiest, inducing
curiosity to look beyond the lining to the inside; pine slats, maintenance-free, aging like
wood normally do, an aging which is observed in its maturity and discoloration over time
and outdoor weather.
The interior is covered with slats from palot (fruit boxes from Lleida’s agricultural
cooperatives), some with the names marked on them still, not hiding the origins of the
materials that have been reuse. 200 meters of sisal rope weaving invites us to touch and
read the menu, the rope is a filter into the bar and a tool that generates an interesting
rhythm of color and shadow. The bar is framed in light.
More than fifty low intensity bulbs offer a warm light atmosphere; bulbs which offers an
interesting confusion between reflexes and exterior lights, making the depth of the exterior
views increases and it blurs of the boundaries of the bar from the inside due to the
multiplicity of reflections.
The varied furniture and local craft production, provide a movable and usable furniture
which adds a new element to the general interior patchwork.
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