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Huashan Hospital

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Huashan Hospital


1,400,000 sq. feet


Huashan Hospital

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Project Description

Huashan Hospital is an 800-bed facility being designed as part of the 77-acre Shanghai Hongqaio International Medical Center Campus. The facility specializes in neurology and is designed to showcase China’s future healthcare delivery system highlighted by their commitment to cutting-edge technology. The overall goal is to create a patient-friendly environment that is innovative and provides transformative care. Operational efficiency is stressed throughout the campus as are green/ sustainable building practices. Architecturally, a consistent design and style was established to provide a cohesive image across the campus that will serve as a landmark destination synonymous with high quality care.

The design for Huashan Hospital features gentle, organic curvatures that are expressed in modern materials. The main lobby and circulation system is designed to promote easy way finding for visitors and outpatients, thus reducing anxiety and confusion for patients and families. Throughout the hospital, inpatient hospital circulation has been separated from public circulation for maximum patient privacy. Operational efficiencies were maximized through departmental adjacencies and stacking, and a healing environment was created through multiple access points to the courtyard and healing gardens which integrate nature into the daily lives of hospital patients and staff.

Typical patient rooms feature angled headwalls to accommodate three patient beds, while also providing privacy and allowing each patient to maintain a view to the outdoors. VIP patient rooms are designed using materials with natural colors, including wood-impregnated vinyl floor covering. Gentle curving forms are used in ceiling bulkheads and millwork in order to create a peaceful, hotel-like setting.

By integrating technology, building systems, water conservation, energy recovery, energy production and management of the campus waste stream, it is possible to reduce the building carbon footprint well below that of a conventional hospital. An enhanced building envelope, planted roofs and efficient mechanical equipment offset half of the building’s carbon footprint. Solar shading devices within the cavity provide a higher insulating value for the exterior envelope. Stormwater management and heat recovery mechanical equipment reduce mechanical demands. Daylight harvesting strategies, total energy co-generation, geothermal heat exchangers, solar collection and a campus-side bio-mass system conserve energy while also producing energy by diverting waste systems.

These green design techniques coupled with the architectural aesthetic of a healthcare oasis will help establish the new Huashan Hospital and the Hongqiao International Medical City as a sought after destination for innovative and transformative care.

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