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House V9

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Project Name

House V9

Project Status


Year Completed



8,611 sq. meters




  • Verónica Gónzalez Zavala
  • Barbara Noé, Israel Reyes, Carlos Juárez



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Project Description

The house is built on a fan-shaped 800 sq.m. plot, open to the northeast.
With an H scheme, the north body rotated to get the most sunlight and south aperture, and the roofs tilted to the north.

The objective was open spaces and low footprint, creating a house surrounded by gardens, where every space has natural light and fresh air, opening up to the sun and making the most of the views.

The program responds to client needs on three levels: a 440 sq.m. basement for parking and services, 303 sq.m. on the first floor for social life and 250 sq.m. on the second floor for family life.

The 530 sq.m. gardens count with an exterior kitchen and dinning space on one side and a sunset terrace with a fireplace on the other.

The steel structure allows for longer spans of open space and continuity of transparency, integrating the interior and exterior, while the rotated volumes result in interesting angle intersections of stone and glass with steel frames.

For the material palette, we concentrated on stone for the vertical planes (mostly limestone and travertine) and wood (walnut and oak) for the horizontal ones, creating a warm environment that sets a canvas for eclectic decoration. Landscape and natural light were essential design instruments, while lighting plays an important role in the design intention.

We used a siphon system to collect rainwater and purify it so that during rainy season there is no need for municipal water. The garden and parking use only treated water.
Electricity and hot water are generated by solar energy and the façade is double insulated glass with UV protection for maximum energy conservation.

Lighting, audio, video, security, curtains, fireplaces and garden irrigation are integrated with different systems into the client´s phones and tablets for simple operation.
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